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Monday, April 12, 2010

Non Pro Limited Challenge

Hey you limited riders!

chance for input on the LIMITED CHALLENGE. If you guys are reading this please comment. The current entry fee for the challenges is 220.00 dollars
with 200.00 going directly back to the jackpot. Is that a fair amount? Will it keep anyone out of the challenge?

If 25 of the limited riders enter you guys end up with a 5000.00 plus jackpot that is as much as the snaffle bit futurity ( if my math is correct ). Well, there's more than 25 limited riders so this could be the biggest jackpot you will ever have a chance at. At least until next year that is. At 25 riders it will pay 7 slots with a minimum $250.00 to 7th place.

Let me know what you think you guys....

By the way The Professionals committee is strongly suggesting all limited riders practice there herd work at Lynden on fresh cattle. The 250 ltd will only have x amount of cows available and they will get nasty fast. Following the herd work train of thought I would like to make a couple comments regarding herd work etiquette.

1) Riders need to find there own herd work help- you need to ask for help in each of the four positions. It is the exhibitors responsibility to find and ask for help.
2) Let your help know what your draw and set number are.
3) Thank your herd help,

Once again thank these guys it is not there responsibility to turn back for every rider all day and night. They would much rather watch the show with a beer in there
hand and relax but because we have a great bunch of professionals who care about the members they do it anyway and they don't complain.

I cant stress this enough-Please ask for and organize your herd help prior to showing.If you are uncomfortable with this ask your trainer to help you find help. They will have an idea of who will be the best for you and your horse. Make sure they do it. If you don't have a trainer find the riders rep or myself and we will help you set up herd help.

Talk to me

El Presidente

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Non Pro Two Rein

Last summer, the NRCHA Board voted to discontinue the Non-Pro Two Rein Class upon the grounds that it was not economically sound. Upon discussion, they have agreed to put the class back on the table for discussion as an approved class for 2011.
This approval will probably not occurr unless there is over-whelming evidence that the Non-pro's support the concept of the class and are willing to support it both with entries and with dollars.
There are some of us non-pro's that believe that the training of a bridle horse follows the same transitional steps of snaffle bit to hackamore to two rein to bridle whether the horse is shown in open or non-professional classes.
For further information on the specific training process and its value to the horse, a reasonable description of the training and bit transition can be found in the Western Horseman articles of clinician Richard Caldwell for the last two issues.
However, the real point of this email is that you have to make your individual input count by emailing the our NRCHA directors of your opinion.

The Non-Pro Committee cannot secure affirmative Board action to approve a two rein class on national level without considerable individual support.
Please take 5 minutes and express your opinion and commitment level. If you anticipate to have a two rein horse in 2011-- tell them.
Jay Meyers

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Battling late nights at our horse shows... ideas?

We had this letter come in after this past weekend's horseshow. The show was extremely fun and full of great competition, but did run very late every night. We are looking for some ideas on how to get around this.... let's hear your opinions!

Hi Dave,
First, thank you for the work you do and the visible presence you bring to the shows.

We are happy to know that the sport we have come to embrace with our horses is showing a lot of growth here in the Northwest. With that also comes some long show days. Working for companies that need us back on Monday morning can make for late nights, if not early mornings.

In looking over the schedule we are wondering if it would be possible to run the 5K Limited, Non-Pro Limited, and Beginning Boxing after the first herd of fresh cows are worked; on Sunday only.We noticed the afternoon Open classes were run and the cattle were kept for the last classes of the day. Meaning that the re-run cattle that the 5K Limited, Non-Pro Limited, and Beginning Boxing use do not need to have been rested or watered before being run again.

Looking at the business end of things (money), we lost a lot of that due to scratches in those classes on both Saturday and Sunday.

We feel that a personal thought of change also needs to come with a workable plan (idea). Wondering what your thoughts are and the logistics of implementing this idea at the Lynden show?
Offering a compromise of some kind may be a boost for those classes that see a lot of late nights.

Mike and Teresa Thompson
Goldendale, WA

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2009 NWRCHA Raffle Colt!

Just thought everyone would want to know that the 2009 Raffle Colt is making a non pro very, very happy! Renamed "Karma", Jessica Goodwin is loving her connection with this kind and talented filly. Thanks again to High Country Training and Kim and Deb Witty for bringing this filly!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fundraising/Sponsorship Ideas?

Does anyone out there have any new/unique ideas for fundraising/sponsorship? We really would like to get some input from our membership on these topics. The position of sponsorship chair was not filled this year and many people are coming together to help secure show sponsors and saddle sponsors, but we really could use a little more wide spread help this year. Please contact us if you personally would be open to sponsoring or if you have ideas for sponsors or fundraisers. This is our association and we all need to come together to keep it moving forward! If you are willing to help, just comment after this post and we will get in touch with you!

In addition:
How would you feel about the NWRCHA offering merchandise such as sweatshirts, hats, and other items? How do you think that would go over with membership? Would you purchase these sort of items personally?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Business?

Hey everyone!

This blog won't allow anyone to post, but you can either email me at coastalequine@aol.com with a desired post, and I will post it for you and have it open for comments... or you can comment on a previous post.... We would love to hear you!

Message from President Dave Diehl


Here we go again. I hope everyone has been riding and is ready to show this season as we are set to kick off the 2010 show year in Eugene in a couple weeks. Thanks to George Lizer for sponsoring the show. We appreciate the generous help.

For those of you not at the banquet we have made some changes to the individual show schedule. You will see on the premiums some classes deleted and some combined, also some classes will be moved from thier usual time slots. The board listened to the member’s emails we received and made changes according to the majority of input given.

We would have loved to have had more input on these items but as only 3 members beyond the board showed for the general membership meeting that didn’t happen. Those of you who came know who you are and I and the board appreciate the efforts you made to be part of decision making process. We feel like we have made the changes the club wants but expect that there will be those who are not in total agreement.

The Saturday herd work and Sunday rein work have been cancelled. We think these will be positive changes as far as convenience for exhibitors nights were long and getting home on Sunday was late. On the operations side of these issues these changes create financial challenges for our club. Cancelling reining reduces income that has no overhead associated with it. Cancelling the herd work on Saturday is even more financially straining to the club but was truly a necessary evil. So everyone understands – herd work runs are what we use to pay the cost on cows for the fence work portion of the show. By cancelling Saturday those costs get applied directly to the individual cow horse run basically cutting profitability for the individual show in half. All these reductions effect what we can
do at the year end.

Some other considerations with regards to current changes are the beginner boxing class. We received numerous email complaints from beginners regarding the times that they had to show, and admittedly the final show day was late for these folks. The solution to this issue was to run the beginner class concurrent with the NRCHA boxing classes. The ramifications for doing this, which some will find disappointing, is that they now show only once per day. As far as the herd work is concerned–it is what it is- the long nights and endless turn back were killing everyone. The board has developed a new show structure that we think will excite everyone and create some financial stability in the process. This new structure is what we call The Challenges. Each show, less the Bend show, will offer a all-around structured event herd, rein/fence Saturday and rein/fence Sunday the composite score from the weekend will win a Morrison bronze and the lions share of the 200 dollar per rider add-back. Eugene will be the “ Open Challenge “ and all open horses will be eligible hack, two rein, bridal enter as many as you like. Lynden will be “ Non-pro Challenge” All the same information applies ( limited riders not eligible ).

To take care of our Limited riders the board opted to include a Limited rider Challenge at the Paul Dice Memorial – herd, rein/box Saturday and rein/box Sunday composite. The winner of this will also win a bronze as well. All these will be run concurrent with your traditional NRCHA divisions and pay out separately from those classes. You may enter both but not Just the challenge as it is a one time jackpot fee applied to the herd-work. You may enter The herd work only as well. All members are encouraged to enter the herd work and get practiced up for there perspective events. That includes you too Limited riders do the math if everyone enters it makes
for a great jackpot that pays deep!!!

In closing I must sing the same old song, we need help with the club, we need committee members and people that can take over
projects, Primarily we need a sponsor chair and people willing to help with that issue, also we need people to help events at the

Good luck to all of you my friends